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Pictured above is the most entitled, most curious, cutest, and least-respecting of personal boundaries of our roommates inspecting a tall box of old comics product — that’s right, we now have copies of Welcome to The Dahlhouse for sale (cat not included), at bargain prices. Since it’s mostly a novelty that we even have these on our site, a good four years after their date of publication, we’re offering them to you with no gimmicks, no hassle, and $3 postage:


Price: $7.00

picture-wise, there’s not much more we can show you at the moment — all the stuff we’ve drawn recently for other folks is still in transit & we don’t want to spoil it — so we suppose we will just take this moment to thank all the people who have written us very kind, very personal and very encouraging emails in response to our “sick” comic — WHICH, it must be stressed, is not even officially back up on the Playhouse yet! We’re not entirely sure how all of you are getting linked to a page that shows it to you — we assume it’s the result of some other sector of the Interweb Universe linking to it — but we’re glad it’s getting back out there after our Unfortunate Incident with the Playhouse redesign. We assure you that we’ll have the whole thing back up officially, & with comment field appended, sometime soon. Originally we planned for that to happen tonight, as we had planned to be strenuously awake all night wired on the green tea we drank for dinner (NB: we are sissies) — but our roommates blindsided us with some free gourmet ice cream, which seems to have canceled out any of the tea’s potent stimulating effect. So… excuse us as we lapse into a coma mid-sentence into a J.G. Ballard short story. If we wake up to a couple Dahlhouse orders we will be most excited, as this box clashes severely with the walls.

8 Comments on “new old books”

    • hi dan,

      it has just been confirmed that, through some really confounding glitch in my “Cart66” e-commerce plugin, that shipping to canada is only $2! which is cheaper than shipping inside the US! go figure! until i get this figured out, you’re welcome to order it at the current glitch-price — consider it a special offer to our neighbors to the north! (as well as, probably, djibouti)

    • ok, i think i’ve worked it out so that shipping is now $6 outside the US — it’ll be sent first class. make sure you select the “INTERNATIONAL” option from the dropdown menu!

    • ok i THINK i ironed out the quirks and i’m PRETTY SURE the shipping to the UK is a mere $6! (make sure you select the “INTERNATIONAL” shipping method from the dropdown menu when you’re confirming your order). if there’s any problems i’ll let you know & we can work it out manually. thanks for your patience.

  1. I’m trying to buy Welcome to The Dahlhouse, but it keep saying my cart is empty. Can we work this out manually ? I live in Canada and can pay through paypal.

    • shoot, thanks for telling me! (is this happening to anyone else?) yeah i can definitely do it manually too, i think with shipping it’s $12, and you can plug my email (fantods at that geee maillll service) into paypal for a direct payment! make sure to gimme your mailing address too…

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