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New shit to look at


We just put a bunch of new watercolor pages up for sale in the Store — such as the one you see pictured above. Although it might not seem like we’ve been doing much cartooning lataly, we have been in a training-montage of sorts lately with a new “medium,” watercolors, drawing about a page a day of somewhat random color comics. It’s been nothing special, just expanding the horizons a bit in the hopes that we might be able to use these fancy-pants techniques in future projects. Anyway you’re welcome to the products of this training at bargain prices. To check some out, just click on toward the store and paypal you up some. (Shipping for domestic orders is just $3. If you want more than one email us and we’ll be sure to discount some postage.)

We’ll be drawing more of these until we get our watercolor chops, so if there’s any general theme or direction you’d like to see us lean toward in future pages, we’ll happily consider them — especially if it means you’ll be wanting to buy them up. And if you’ve got any tubes of watercolors laying around you’d like to ship us in trade for a page, let us know — we need more hues, and those damn things are expensive.

The astute (or perhaps dementedly persistent) Playhouse reader will have also noticed that we finally got an old classic, “Gordon Smalls Goes to Jail,” up in our webcomics section. Also, a bunch of people have been asking what happened to “Sick” — we promise that’ll be back up soon! But for now, if you want to read parts 1-17, they’re still hidden away on the Playhouse on one gigantic page here.

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  1. You’re really good at watercolors already, but if you wanted to take a community workshop at CCAD, you might be able to learn from a tiny mustachioed Iranian man who will touch you constantly. If that’s something you’re into.

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