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more spore at your door

Observe how this post contains more fungi than just the mold of inactivity presently covering the Playhouse gates — there’s also the fruiting body of a BRAND NEW COMIC!


Click it to make it grow. We drew this page recently in the midst of a reverie over some of the prettier species of fungi we’ve stumbled across over the past couple of months in our new Midwestern home state.

The original paper page of the above watercolor is naturally for sale at the store, as usual. And Monsterses are back in stock there, too.

Now that we’re done with our odyssean DVD digipak design duties for the Cartoon College movie, we hopefully can get back to churning out pages of watercolored comics on the good ol’ “PH” again. Please god, don’t let us slip into the lacuna of your disregard! We’re not compost quite yet!

paying gigs

More like paying gigabytes — the tiff file for our dvd-cover design here was HUGE:


This is the front cover of Josh Melrod & Tara Wray’s forthcoming film Cartoon College, illustrated & designed by yours trulies (the dvd case, not the film). This is the best excuse we can come up with for our continuing lack of Playhouse content. And the procrastination doesn’t stop here — we still have to fashion the rest of the dvd case before our labors are finished, and we can get back to Playtime — doing activities, like diary comics, that bear an uncomfortably clear resemblance to our labor.

Also, please see the kickstarter page for “Spooky” Spike Trotman’s upcoming horror antho, The Sleep of Reason, to which we have contributed a story.

Sleep of Reason promo - square

A fun fact: the more money that gets given to this kickstarter, the more the artists get paid. Also, for one one of the backer tiers, each philanthropist is rewarded with a watercolor drawing by Yours Trulies (among other things), so if you’re into that kind of thing, avail yourself.

Also we’re gonna be at CAKE in Chicago this weekend! Nothing new to sell, but, well, we already explained about that. But we might wear our glow-in-the-dark constellation shirt. So that’s something.

Oh, also, we have more Monsters in stock at the store, if you’d like one of those instead. We’re still waiting on our dear publishers to raise our newer booklet, Weather, out of the grave of Out of Print, but hopefully that little miracle will transpire soon….

In a way, yes, we did fall down a hole

We will now **STRAIN** to resist adding to that heap of blog posts piled up Everest-high on the internet in which the authors apologize for how long it’s been since their last update! Dear reader, we are all-too-painfully aware of how little such algorithms of apologetics matter in the scope of human existence, & we will not clog your precious moments on Earth with such flotsam. HOWEVER, if you are still reading this despite our long absence, we thank you for your dogged, enduring loyalty in the face of our grindingly persistent apathy.

So yes, we are alive (as much as we can claim to be, anyway); yes, in Real Life terms there have been some changes to the Playhouse — our corporeal bodies (which, by definition, you in Cyberspace could not possibly care less about) moved been transported, along with all our known worldly possessions (all five of them), a few states left to an undisclosed location which may or may not be within Iowa state lines.

And yes, although we have fuck-all evidence to prove it, we swear we have been drawing comics this whole time! We got some Paying Work(TM) contributing to the excellent-looking Sleep of Reason horror anthology, which we have, mere minutes ago, delivered unto “The Cloud.” The book should hould be out in June. And we’re now feverishly (more like clammily tbh) hammering away at the design for a DVD cover for a certain movie about a certain cartoon college. And then, IF AND WHEN we actually emerge at the other end of this salt mine of paying gigs, we can get back to doing what we love — drawing despairing diary comics & selling them to you! We’ve got quite a few Nuggets of Quotidian Truth(TM) stored up in the ol’ Diary Bank, & hopefully they’ll be burstin’ the ol’ Playhouse levee soon.

…LIKE YOU CARE. We know that all you really want to see are more kitties & doggies. So here’s a couple recent portraits to peruse, you curs (click them to make them bigger):




OH! We also recently contributed a few panels to the illustrious Trubble Club’s Infinite Corpse comic, which you can explore gratis on the other side of the link. See if you can find our strip!

more exciting comics about running errands

Yet another rich, brilliant moment from our scintillating life. It’s for sale too, if you can believe that, at our Store.

****UPDATE, 5/31/13: It has come to our attention that some readers are interpreting the bearded gentleman in the last panel of this comic strip — the one impatiently & ostentatiously sighing in frustration over an old woman’s failure to navigate the elaborate mousetrap of bureaucracy — is us, The Author. We are MORTIFIED for any implication that this is so, and want to make it clear here that NO ONE involved in the production of this website would either behave in this matter, or condone such behavior! That guy was a jerk.

Also this page is still for sale in the store, if yr innerested.

more findley

(click bigger)

Good news: Our book Weather is finally officially for sale at the store! And we got more Monsters for sale as well!

ALSO: in a few days we’re going to start a new section of the Playhouse to put original art from Monsters & Welcome to The Dahlhouse on the auction block. If there’s any pages in particular you’d like to see for sale, please let us know in the comments below. (It doesn’t mean you have to buy it if you do suggest some — we’re just curious, & don’t have enough interns to scan & post every page in the books.) Disclaimer: not every original page is intact on paper; some of them had to be heavily photoshopped & look like pathetic, deformed abominations “IRL.” But we’ll see what we can dig up.


Click to make them bigger.

We er, SOMEONE WE KNOW drew these for the WFMU website, we’re pretty sure they’re up there now? It’s been a while. Anyway, enjoy. They’ll be for sale in the store.

Police activity referenced in the strip, for those who are curious:

panel 4:
& etc… google “rape cops”

panel 5: |
&etc….. google “cops flaking”

panel 6:
& so on… just search youtube for “police brutality” or “pain compliance.”

Against Fun

It really happened! Sort of. Mostly. OK the sled was actually lime green. And she went down second. And the floor at the urgent-care center was actually a browner, slightly less-shiny fake wood.

Not pictured: two broken lumbar vertebrae & a busted disc. Stay in school kids

PS: as usual, this thing’s for sale.