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Pay-what-you-wish Posters for “sale”





We’re offering you both these posters as a pair on a pay-what-you-wish basis. $5 is added to cover shipping & the tube, but other than that, you can have both these works of Ahhht for anything you think they’re worth! Just enter a number in the field, & it will be so.

Both posters are 17 1/4″ by 23″, on 140# cream paper, hand-screenprinted & signed by Gabby ourselves. See here for more details.

UPDATE: apparently our perpetually awful shopping-cart plugin, Cart66, is adding small random dollar amounts to people’s orders as postage, even after we’ve told it not to, & even though we didn’t even assign a weight to the item, so it has no idea how much postage it should be charging even if we wanted it to. We’ve tried fixing it but for the time being if you want the posters for $5, you can also use the “Donate” button at the top of the right sidebar. Just don’t forget to add your address & what it’s for!

On behalf of Cart66, we apologize for the bug.

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