paying gigs

More like paying gigabytes — the tiff file for our dvd-cover design here was HUGE:


This is the front cover of Josh Melrod & Tara Wray’s forthcoming film Cartoon College, illustrated & designed by yours trulies (the dvd case, not the film). This is the best excuse we can come up with for our continuing lack of Playhouse content. And the procrastination doesn’t stop here — we still have to fashion the rest of the dvd case before our labors are finished, and we can get back to Playtime — doing activities, like diary comics, that bear an uncomfortably clear resemblance to our labor.

Also, please see the kickstarter page for “Spooky” Spike Trotman’s upcoming horror antho, The Sleep of Reason, to which we have contributed a story.

Sleep of Reason promo - square

A fun fact: the more money that gets given to this kickstarter, the more the artists get paid. Also, for one one of the backer tiers, each philanthropist is rewarded with a watercolor drawing by Yours Trulies (among other things), so if you’re into that kind of thing, avail yourself.

Also we’re gonna be at CAKE in Chicago this weekend! Nothing new to sell, but, well, we already explained about that. But we might wear our glow-in-the-dark constellation shirt. So that’s something.

Oh, also, we have more Monsters in stock at the store, if you’d like one of those instead. We’re still waiting on our dear publishers to raise our newer booklet, Weather, out of the grave of Out of Print, but hopefully that little miracle will transpire soon….