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not much time to post this week as circumstances have spiraled into Max Workload territory, after idly agreeing to perform a comic story for the upcoming Zine Not Dead event on March 5th (tomorrow). (The link goes to a facebook event page, which probably most people know how to glean information from but i don’t.)

Since i Truly Loathe the “comic reading” format, i’ve tried to make something a little less chalkboard-fingery and have accidentally made what’s basically becoming an animated movie. Also constructing a pineapple mask to reduce the risk of accidentally making eye contact with a stranger while being the center of attention.




Wish me luck

4 Comments on “pursuits”

  1. how did that pineapple mask work out? i feel like it would draw even more attention. perhaps if you made someone else wear it?

    is it weird that i’m commenting on months old posts? will people think i’m not cool?

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