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Are we being too sensitive?

Anyway, we apologize that our “comic” effort this week isn’t anything topical or incisive concerning The World As It Is Today. This week we’re just indulging in a little light-hearted, heavy-handed, happy-go-lucky sad-sackin’. Because really, how pathetic would this comic be if it were about the “shutdown” or something. Ugh. No thank you. No, in these turbulent & unphotogenic times, we sometimes prefer to think of the Playhouse as, in Montague H. Withnail’s sage words, “perhaps the last island of beauty in the world.”

An island that you can place upon the ocean of your very own wallpaper, if you bought the original of this comic at our store.

And speaking of islands, we all know no man is one, especially in this economy. If you enjoyed this strip, or any other of our fine (if lopsided) delectables, please consider dropping a coin or two into our coffers via the “Donate” button at the top of the sidebar. Go ahead — improve a portion of beauty in this all-too-ugly world.