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Y’all, i’m pretty deep into the instagram and not very into my website atm. But i just finished a five-page watercolored story about nature that, if i could get photoshop on my new laptop, i would have posted up here today. But i don’t and so i didn’t, and instead i’ll go to work and then come home and then email some things and eat some dinner and possibly in the next couple of days i will start posting pages. It’s real scary because i’m starting to wonder if the website — the actual, real, pay-for-hosting website format — is obsolete! Is this true? Doesn’t it seem a bit too isolated in here? A little tryhard? A little too $8-a-month-plus-domain-fees? Now that i’ve found out how much easier (and free-er) (and more popular) it is to update instagram with pictures of drawings i’m working on or mushrooms i’m fondling in the woods, all i want to use this website for is rambling concerns about my internal life, polls about where i should move, and asking people if they have a cheap car they want to sell me. Boring! It seems like so much effort for so little return, now that i’m not filling this up with self-pitying diary comics. Well, maybe it will be more useful once my new book comes out in May. Also, Alec Longstreth is helping me put together a POD book of the aforementioned self-pitying diary comics, and that should be out by Fall, so i will mention that here as well.

Other than that though, follow me on instagram (gabbyschulz). It’s so happy there. Just pictures of dogs, flowers, and good art. Good vibes & likes, without the petty drama and intolerable Zizek-fan crypto-Stalinists of twitter. Maybe i’m just getting old but all i want to do with the internet anymore is show people doodles and mushrooms. We all know the world is a giant methane bomb that humans don’t deserve to exist on. We don’t need any more proof, or any more tiresome parsing of our pathetic Solutions. Just scroll into the collapse, try not to breed, and close the door as softly as possible behind you.

10 Comments on “status deplored”

  1. There is still a space for personal websites. What happens when Instagram/Tumblr/flavor-of-the-month craps up you feed with too many adds, or shut down entirely?

    When that happens it’ll be nice to have a record of your work.

    • Having a record is nice, but then, i’ve already got all the pics on my hd/phone before i upload them.

      If the point of social media is to be social, you have to resign yourself to either following the herd as it skips through that space between unpopulated and oppressively invasive — or else be content sitting in a virtual room talking to yourself and the 3 or 4 other humans who are invested enough in your brand to make the effort to pay you a visit. It’s a format that had its use before smartphones, and before the ubiquity & convenience of social-media platforms — but these days, maintaining a website feels a lot like sitting in a retirement home, really. When i started using instagram, i was surprised at how many great cartoonists (and mycologists) i found on it, who were posting all sorts of great stuff that they weren’t putting on their blogs or w/e, just because it’s so easy, & free, & you know it’s going to get 10x the views & interactions as your private blog. I guess at this point i’m ok with participation in these formats, since it’s the price to pay for having people participate in your own art hobbies.

      It’s also objectively a social nightmare polluted by greedy neo-corporate vultures and floated on a bed of vast toxic technologies; unfortunately there aren’t any alternatives provided for creative types in 2016. As in, none. Zero. This is the situation we’ve found ourselves in, at least for the time being (after which it will be even worse). I’ll probably sign up for a patreon account at some point, just to see what happens. It’s nice to get paid for the things i draw, and to not feel as though i’m living in a vacuum drawing only for myself — that’s been my whole life, and it’s a torture that gets harder to bear the older and more irrelevant i get.

      I still personally draw the line at using facebook; but instagram is a nice way to be casual about peeking into other people’s lives, and also reminding people that i’m not dead and have not given up on drawing, without things getting TOO invasive (or too chatty, which for me frequently devolves into political arguments because i think Everything Is Awful). And when that gets ugly, i’ll just move on — the same way i did with myspace, napster, friendster, livejournal, keromail, etc. etc……

      And the ads are everywhere — but ad blocker does a pretty good job of hiding them. I’ve even thought about putting ads on my own website, just to pay for its operating costs. The thing that really grosses me out is gmail. If i could phase that toxic shit out of my life i’d be happy.

      • oh i’m sure my interests are more than adequately represented, but i can’t help feeling like i’m in a megasupermarket, aimlessly wandering the aisles while all the packaging screams at my eyeballs.

        i’m not saying i’m beyond it, but ig is just the latest(?) tool of the homogenizing monolith of internet culture. nothing has to be real in postmodernism, particularly our connections to one another.

        i’m also not saying you shouldn’t enjoy yourself, but i don’t think either of us can claim we’ll be shutting the door quietly behind us.

  2. Glad you found something that works for you.

    But personally I would definitely keep the site up, and ignore that voice in the back of your head that’s telling you that if you have a website you have to update it all the time. You might find a use for it again in the future.
    8 bucks a month is a little expensive for hosting though :S

  3. are people really that into instagram? it has its place, but it’s lacking in versatility.

    that smokeable art makes me think maybe you could branch into edible comics? read-a-book then eat-a-book? food for thought?

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