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These words are just a means of confirming that my Online Presence persists — but since it’s so much easier than posting pictures on this website, here is an arrow pointing to my instagram account: ————> @gabbyschulz

I know i promised some of you links to copies of Sick, which still haven’t materialized (the links, not the Sicks) due to 1) technologies beyond my comprehension, and 2) my present & persistent transience. In re: #2, i have been living in a van for the past month in a sort of trial run for retirement. It’s been deliciously liberating, and has lifted much of the depression-fog that has clouded my mind and blog posts over the past two years, and is a hard life to give up.

My van is presently parked in an undisclosed location in Eugene, Oregon, at the tail end of a freak ice storm which has made the landscape a bit hazardous (at least three cars in the neighborhood have been crushed by tree limbs falling from the weight of ice). Falling death-blocks aside, i’ve had a wonderful time here. Perhaps at this point in my life i’m finally woo enough to find a place in a town in which a conversation about your “energies” is entirely appropriate.

But then, it appears LOTS of unhireable van-dwellers have had these same hopes over the years — in fact there’s an entire chicken coop on top of a bus down the street. I hear the dirtbag job market can be a tad competitive here; that’ll be investigated further after the solstice passes with its ominous jingle of sleighbells (whatever those are)…

In the meantime, please feel free to use this spot for any timely reminders as to any accounts we have yet to settle up with you (books, drawings, etc.)… my whole life got tossed like a salad when i moved into this van, so my feeble expired brain would appreciate the jogs!

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  1. Good luck with everything Gabby! From where I’m sitting, the life you’re describing sounds unimaginable… a little bit romantic even. I’m glad it’s making you feel better – that’s all that matters in the end, really.

    Still going to bug you about getting a copy of Sick sent to Australia at every opportunity (but in a nice way, I hope)!

  2. eagerly awaiting the rest of Sick again…. it’s such a monumental comic to me, i really can’t overstate how much it meant to me the first time i read it. is there any chance of getting a physical copy? or even paying for a digital copy (to be privately owned)? i’d pay very, very dearly to be able to read it again.

  3. Sorry to hear of your travails. Eugene is beautiful. I used to live there in 74-77, studying ceramics at U of O.

    Oh dear, The Life of an Artist. So much to bare. I understand your pain.

    Closed our store in 2010 with the retail CRASH. No refers or turning back & my husband and I are glad to be rid of it. Been sitting in a boat without a paddle ever since, except about 5 days ago when bubble found a job.

    My body is broken now but Life is Good (but occasionally challenging) bc I use my imagination. In my imagination I am driving in my van to that place in Eugene where you reside. We can sit and talk and have a laugh. Is my vision of the past based in reality now? Probably not. It doesn’t matter. Imagination is powerful.

    Thinking of you.
    Something I wrote.

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