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Sudden unexpected new book for sale


I have a new book out!

Alec Longstreth’s bizarre, Fitzcarraldo-like obsession with publishing my awful diary comics (previously only seen on this extremely obscure & neglected website) has beaten the odds and reached fruition! A Process of Drastically Reducing One’s Expectations is an almost 400-page collection of the diary comics and doodles i scrawled out in Iowa City and Chicago, during hopefully the most hopeless and miserable period of my life. It (the book) is now for sale *cheap* through Alec’s new Phase 8 imprint here:


Quick, dirty, with more warts on it than a STI clinic’s biowaste bin, the book also contains that 5- or 6-page watercolor comic i drew about nature, The Only Thing I Know.

Might as well jump!

9 Comments on “Sudden unexpected new book for sale”

    • i’d love it if there were! but i guess it would depend on how much this book sells, and how much Phase 8 wants to translate it! (i’d be happy to re-letter the whole thing but i’m not sure if it will come to that…)

  1. Someone I know recommended your book, but I can’t remember who.. (David Lasky, Noah Van Sciver?) Just read through the whole thing in one sitting. I really enjoyed it and hope that you’ll consider doing more. If you start a Patreon for them, I’d certainly support you.

  2. Just finished the whole book in one sitting. Can you please start doing them, again? How about a Patreon-type of deal? I’d support you!

    • thank you very much, it’s good to know someone read those! i’ve definitely considered patreon but am still not sure it’d work for me. i’ll keep thinking about it though!

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