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Suicide Forest (a movie)


suicideforest-movie-mp2 from Gabby Schulz on Vimeo.

I made this little movie as part of my reading at a local comics reading event called Zine Not Dead II, which happened a few months ago. It is a short rough experiment in making moving images which was fun and educational and oddly cheap/easy. Clearly i’m no Bruce Bickford but it was nice to try something different. I wish i could get used to sketching in pencils and just skip inking altogether, like a lot of great cartoonists are doing these days (like Amanda Vähämäki and Krystal DiFronzo) — but my attempts at getting loose still look way too sloppy and lazy to me. This stresses me out conceptually, since it makes my own method of drawing comics feel constricting. Is drawing inevitably laborious, uptight and physically painful for us has-beens from the xerox era? Are we all doomed to a style that we must learn to endure, paying for the crimes of our youthful paths well into the hindsight of middle age, since our lives contain limited seconds in which to improve? Does anyone care what the answer is? No.

PS thank you for everyone’s comments about my relocation spreadsheet. They were very helpful and i could always use more.

2 Comments on “Suicide Forest (a movie)”

  1. Thanks for uploading Suicide Forest. I enjoyed it. The pineapple/snake hallucination(?) bit was nicely done and quite effective. Now your pineapple mask makes more sense, too.
    Isn’t it possible to continue to work in more than one style, the choice depending on the particular circumstances of each project?

    • thanks. It’s really crude, but it’s kind of ridiculous how easy it was to make.

      I like working in multiple styles, but something just doesn’t seem right about the way i use pencils. It looks too rushed, dirty, like i showed up to the gala in sweatpants. But maybe i’m just stained by years of cartoon dogma telling me that it’s not “finished” until it’s “inked.”

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