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surprise photodump


by way of justifying the $7/month it costs to keep this website up, and by way of apology for not caring enough to update it regularly in a post-instagram world, and also by way of explaining my phone broke and so i can’t use instagram anymore (anyone got a spare android w/ an at&t provider laying around?), here are some photos of some mushrooms i’ve taken recently around My World:








2 Comments on “surprise photodump”

  1. In case nobody closer to you can give you one, my flatmate has two old samsung galaxy (one 3 years old and another one 6 years old), with minor defects (problem with the memory card and the jack exit not working, or something like that), to get rid of.

    • hey yeah thanks! how much do you think postage would be for the younger one? i’d gladly pay shipping it if it isn’t, say, more than a used phone on amazon. (i know they raised the price lately for international shipments.) if it’s just the usb jack that’s broke i could get a replacement part for like $4 and replace it myself. and i owe you mail already, i’ll have the books this weekend so i could send you that and something else too, whatever you want (my email is [email protected])

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