The Workings of Our Innermost Soul: Now Automated!


This is the first of a regular series of “micro-posts” designed to “strengthen our brand,” entitled “We Finally Figured Out How to ‘Schedule Posts’ in WordPress.” Now, regardless of our initiative, the Playhouse will update weekly with a new diary comic or painfully candid doodle wrenched from the privacy of our sketchbook & put out in plain public view for any potential employer, NSA agent, or estranged family member to consume.

This impromptu magananimity comes in part by way of apology (on behalf of the wonderful FM radio station, KRUI) for the lack of Abandoned Playhouse episodes during December and most of January. Our weekly broadcast has fallen victim to dual antagonisms:

1. the KRUI website went down hard, & doesn’t appear to be getting up any time soon. We’re guessing this is due to a lapsed domain fee — but who knows, maybe it’s something sexier, like Heartland CyberTerrorism. The point is, this has rendered KRUI unstreamable on the internet, which makes it utterly irrelevant to the 21st century. Also,

2. The entire building that the studio is physically housed within (UI’s Memorial Union) is summarily cleared out & locked on every Sunday during this thing called “Winter Break.” Since our show airs at 10pm on Sundays, and we don’t have a strong-enough battering ram, we have no choice but to fill our hours with some other type of non-profitable, antisocial endeavor until mid-January.

Never fear though, you two people reading this who even knew we had a radio show, much less listen to it! Once these privileged collegiate youngsters finally extract themselves from their parents’ tinsel-strewn suburban wombs & cart their SSRI-laced corpi back to the rigors of Higher Education, The Abandoned Playhouse will return to its regularly scheduled program of sacrilege, psychedelics, doom and cacophany. In fact, we’re presently working on finding a way to record the shows digitally, so that you (and you, the other person) may listen at your leisure.

Until then, you’ll just have to subsist on a starvation ration of our essence in the form of doodles such as the above. Starting this Monday. Hang in there, Garfields!