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how cartoonists ignore you

Here’s some doodles we doodled recently on some spare scraps of paper, as a way to numb out the tedium of reality during a recent extended meeting of our our housing collective (click bigger): We have no “real comics” — ie, comics that took us longer than 3 minutes to draw — this week because

GS Puffinstuff

Presenting: a milestone in our macrofungalphilia! Click to make it bigger. This watercolored page is available for sale at our store. It costs a bit more than our usual page-rate. Besides it being twice the size of our usual output, this is because quite honestly, we’re in love with this page, and don’t want to

the latest ooze

There’s a couple more watercolors up for sale at the store. Hmm. We’ve been having trouble classifying these comic-like watercolor objets d’cartoon — are they comics-blog updates? Should they be showcased as Readable Content, or Materializations of Commerce? Is there a way to treat them as both? Art’s fuckin’ crazy, isn’t it. Oh well —