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Cranking the ignition on the machinery of commerce

Hey, it’s Saturday and you’re probably just sitting about perusing Ye Olde Nette. (Haha that’s probably not true, it’s the New Economy, you’re at work aren’t you?) Anyway we just wanted to let you know that if you were looking for Clothes, or perhaps just More Useless Objects On Your Wall, a website in California

Our Debasement Is Your Holiday Savings

Good news, all you people who silently move among the binary coding of this website: We just lowered the prices of everything we’re currently selling at the Store! By, like, a lot. If you scroll to the bottom of that page you’ll also see something exciting: we’re now selling copies of Monsters in French &

the latest ooze

There’s a couple more watercolors up for sale at the store. Hmm. We’ve been having trouble classifying these comic-like watercolor objets d’cartoon — are they comics-blog updates? Should they be showcased as Readable Content, or Materializations of Commerce? Is there a way to treat them as both? Art’s fuckin’ crazy, isn’t it. Oh well —