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Pay-what-you-wish Posters for “sale”

   We’re offering you both these posters as a pair on a pay-what-you-wish basis. $5 is added to cover shipping & the tube, but other than that, you can have both these works of Ahhht for anything you think they’re worth! Just enter a number in the field, & it will be so. Both posters

Our Debasement Is Your Holiday Savings

Good news, all you people who silently move among the binary coding of this website: We just lowered the prices of everything we’re currently selling at the Store! By, like, a lot. If you scroll to the bottom of that page you’ll also see something exciting: we’re now selling copies of Monsters in French &

A recurring illness

After years of pestering from fans, the comic that once burned Gabby’s Playhouse to the ground is back!* Sort of. Tentatively. The first six parts, anyway: This banner linking to “Sick” is now prominently displayed right at the top of the dilapidated trophy case of our “webcomics” page, if you ever need a quick pick-me-down.

more fungal emissions

Here’s something that’s been gathering mold in our outbox for a while now: The original watercolor of this image is unusually large (9″ x 12″) — and is, as usual, for sale over at the store. We’re also trying to make prints of it, but the watercolor paper isn’t scanning too well (as you can


You know, it can’t always be blogging & bonbons here at the Playhouse. Actually, judging by this website’s anemic update rate, it looks like it can hardly ever be blogging & bonbons. It’s a pity, since we — for reasons only a mind much savvier than ours could understand — have received a nomination for

In a way, yes, we did fall down a hole

We will now **STRAIN** to resist adding to that heap of blog posts piled up Everest-high on the internet in which the authors apologize for how long it’s been since their last update! Dear reader, we are all-too-painfully aware of how little such algorithms of apologetics matter in the scope of human existence, & we