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click it bigger. There’s been reports of getting “forbidden” denials when trying to look at comics on this website — please let us know if that’s happening to you! Or if you just want to say “hello.”

The Workings of Our Innermost Soul: Now Automated!

This is the first of a regular series of “micro-posts” designed to “strengthen our brand,” entitled “We Finally Figured Out How to ‘Schedule Posts’ in WordPress.” Now, regardless of our initiative, the Playhouse will update weekly with a new diary comic or painfully candid doodle wrenched from the privacy of our sketchbook & put out

how cartoonists ignore you

Here’s some doodles we doodled recently on some spare scraps of paper, as a way to numb out the tedium of reality during a recent extended meeting of our our housing collective (click bigger): We have no “real comics” — ie, comics that took us longer than 3 minutes to draw — this week because