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content ahoy

No comic today, but here is a picture of a nice little bolete that’s better than anything we could create [EDIT: Like everything beautiful in this life, this picture was taken off my website because someone was hotlinking the hell out of it over the course of like 3 years]

GS Puffinstuff

Presenting: a milestone in our macrofungalphilia! Click to make it bigger. This watercolored page is available for sale at our store. It costs a bit more than our usual page-rate. Besides it being twice the size of our usual output, this is because quite honestly, we’re in love with this page, and don’t want to

more fungal emissions

Here’s something that’s been gathering mold in our outbox for a while now: The original watercolor of this image is unusually large (9″ x 12″) — and is, as usual, for sale over at the store. We’re also trying to make prints of it, but the watercolor paper isn’t scanning too well (as you can

more spore at your door

Observe how this post contains more fungi than just the mold of inactivity presently covering the Playhouse gates — there’s also the fruiting body of a BRAND NEW COMIC! Click it to make it grow. We drew this page recently in the midst of a reverie over some of the prettier species of fungi we’ve