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not much time to post this week as circumstances have spiraled into Max Workload territory, after idly agreeing to perform a comic story for the upcoming Zine Not Dead event on March 5th (tomorrow). (The link goes to a facebook event page, which probably most people know how to glean information from but i don’t.)

mushroom pic megadump 2015

Some of the many friends i met over the past few months! Tiny artist’s conk friend: White jelly friend with some possible Lentinellus friends: Amanita friend: Trametes versicolor friends: Thistle friend with bumblefriend: Glorious sulphureus friend: True IRL Maybe an earthball bro (but it’s on wood?): Possible elm cap friends: Russula friend: Possible non-aborted entoloma

In a way, yes, we did fall down a hole

We will now **STRAIN** to resist adding to that heap of blog posts piled up Everest-high on the internet in which the authors apologize for how long it’s been since their last update! Dear reader, we are all-too-painfully aware of how little such algorithms of apologetics matter in the scope of human existence, & we