12/13/13 (and some news)


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In addition to our now-usual Monday doodle, we wanted to inform whoever might be reading — or rather, YOU, dear reader — that we’ve been trying to record episodes of our FM radio show, The Abandoned Playhouse. This week we only managed to wrest a sliver of success out of a vast buffet of failure — we only captured the first 50 minutes or so of the show, with large gaps & skips throughout. Of particular lamentability is the way our poor streaming butchered most of the meat of Peter Sellers’s top-shelf oral memoir, “Setting The Policeman on Fire.”

Still, even this much would impress you if you knew how bizarre & convoluted our technology-impaired recording setup is. (We use our house’s crappy internet connection & VLC to stream the FM radio show off the KRUI website, & have to start recording before we leave the house to go to the studio. We think someone might have come into our room & turned it off halfway through, since it didn’t even occur to us to plug in headphones & they probably thought we’d accidentally left it on accidentally.) Anyway, there’s that to listen to, for what it’s worth.

We’re gonna start posting two of these diary comics a week instead of just the one, since it turns out we’ve drawn quite a few lately, & they’re starting to pile up — & isn’t there something a little sad about posting webcomics over a month after they were drawn? (For example, we’re not even playing video games anymore. No really. We’re back to embroidery now, like good little luddites.)

Also we’re going to start posting photos & drawings & other junk on this twitter account, it’d be charming if you “followed” us & we’ll follow back & it’ll be a cozy situation: @foodstampbeer

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The Workings of Our Innermost Soul: Now Automated!


This is the first of a regular series of “micro-posts” designed to “strengthen our brand,” entitled “We Finally Figured Out How to ‘Schedule Posts’ in WordPress.” Now, regardless of our initiative, the Playhouse will update weekly with a new diary comic or painfully candid doodle wrenched from the privacy of our sketchbook & put out in plain public view for any potential employer, NSA agent, or estranged family member to consume.

This impromptu magananimity comes in part by way of apology (on behalf of the wonderful FM radio station, KRUI) for the lack of Abandoned Playhouse episodes during December and most of January. Our weekly broadcast has fallen victim to dual antagonisms:

1. the KRUI website went down hard, & doesn’t appear to be getting up any time soon. We’re guessing this is due to a lapsed domain fee — but who knows, maybe it’s something sexier, like Heartland CyberTerrorism. The point is, this has rendered KRUI unstreamable on the internet, which makes it utterly irrelevant to the 21st century. Also,

2. The entire building that the studio is physically housed within (UI’s Memorial Union) is summarily cleared out & locked on every Sunday during this thing called “Winter Break.” Since our show airs at 10pm on Sundays, and we don’t have a strong-enough battering ram, we have no choice but to fill our hours with some other type of non-profitable, antisocial endeavor until mid-January.

Never fear though, you two people reading this who even knew we had a radio show, much less listen to it! Once these privileged collegiate youngsters finally extract themselves from their parents’ tinsel-strewn suburban wombs & cart their SSRI-laced corpi back to the rigors of Higher Education, The Abandoned Playhouse will return to its regularly scheduled program of sacrilege, psychedelics, doom and cacophany. In fact, we’re presently working on finding a way to record the shows digitally, so that you (and you, the other person) may listen at your leisure.

Until then, you’ll just have to subsist on a starvation ration of our essence in the form of doodles such as the above. Starting this Monday. Hang in there, Garfields!

New frontiers in obsolete media

old_djTo further cement our peonage in the realm of the Has-Been, we’ve decided to branch out and do a little recreational “disc-jockeying” over at fine local low-power FM station, KRUI. Our first broadcast was last night, and can only improve from there. We’re not entirely sure what the point of FM radio is in 2013, but they’re just giving these shows away to any idiot, and we’re told new experiences broaden the mind. (We’re also told no one listens to KRUI, so we’ve got nothing to lose.) A playlist of our past show — soon to be shows — may be perused on a new Playhouse page here. We’re not sure why a “playlist” would be important to you but there you have it. Content.

In future weeks we hope to break from the tired, pedantic & usually disastrous “hey bet you haven’t heard this cool song!” college-radio format — which Progess has long since sewn up as irrelevant cultural taxidermy — and will move towards a more personal narrative of Playhouse-generated field recordings and layered soundscapes curated from our actual life. However, expect our heavy indulgence in Satanism to remain intact, as well as our gleeful wholesale mockery of organized religion, government, and other bedrocks of this waking nightmare we call civilization.

So feel free to tune in, if for no other reason than to take a nostalgic glance back at the pathetic, claustrophobic state media was once in back before we were all sexting, 4channing and annoyingly checking Twitter timelines in movie theaters.

And lest we sound less than grateful for this rare & special opportunity for self-indulgence KRUI has offered us, we’d also like to mention that KRUI is host to some of the best live audio entertainment our ears have savored in quite a while — most notably Iowa [via Canada]’s own weird & authentic mind-jazz impromtutron, Jesse Marks and his truly wonderful Theater of The Mind, which breaches KRUI like a strange & unpredictable sea creature every Wednesday from 10pm-midnight (and again for just an hour on Sunday, just 5 hours before our show). It’s truly worth your time, especially if you were looking to disprove the notion that Iowa lacks quality cultural marrow on which to suck.