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And so it begins. As haggard and frostbit as these incredibly overpriced little nubs of commodified wilderness may be, they serve as testament that somewhere out there — undoubtedly much further south than chicago — the fungi have begun plotting… Stay tuned for incoming (& most likely fruitless) Nature Pics

photodump part 1 (mushrooms)

not a mushroom little tiny golden pholiota making the scene truly gorgeous (and somewhat dry) chicken of the woods the dankest of late-fall resinous polypores, spewin and droolin dead man’s fingers, flippin the bird deer fence notice dryad saddle as some deer’s buffet lunch golden pholiotas & artist conks, living together in harmony and it’s

mushroom pic megadump 2015

Some of the many friends i met over the past few months! Tiny artist’s conk friend: White jelly friend with some possible Lentinellus friends: Amanita friend: Trametes versicolor friends: Thistle friend with bumblefriend: Glorious sulphureus friend: True IRL Maybe an earthball bro (but it’s on wood?): Possible elm cap friends: Russula friend: Possible non-aborted entoloma