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Nature’s harsh lessons

(click bigger. The original’s for sale here.) Lately we’ve been trying to learn how to draw forests better. (See also this page.) We didn’t really have a plan for how to finish this one when we started drawing it, but it seems to have turned out sad anyway! Maybe the li’l guy can cook up

Atlas Plugged A Meter

Ah, Art. When hasn’t it served the whims of power? In this calamitous new dark age of outlandish wealth disparity, unprecedented secret surveillance, marauding kill-robots, world-destroying corporate negligence, and this asshole, it seems only fitting, even inevitable, that we here at the Playhouse should follow suit (& tie) — if for no other reason than

more fungal emissions

Here’s something that’s been gathering mold in our outbox for a while now: The original watercolor of this image is unusually large (9″ x 12″) — and is, as usual, for sale over at the store. We’re also trying to make prints of it, but the watercolor paper isn’t scanning too well (as you can


You know, it can’t always be blogging & bonbons here at the Playhouse. Actually, judging by this website’s anemic update rate, it looks like it can hardly ever be blogging & bonbons. It’s a pity, since we — for reasons only a mind much savvier than ours could understand — have received a nomination for

in which i alienate everyone, including myself

Hey look, more new pages of comics! Well, surveil mah grits! Click them in order to make them larger in size. These two pages were done, if you can even believe this, to thank a cool friend who very selflessly gave us an old smartphone after we complained that our dumbphone just broke — &

more spore at your door

Observe how this post contains more fungi than just the mold of inactivity presently covering the Playhouse gates — there’s also the fruiting body of a BRAND NEW COMIC! Click it to make it grow. We drew this page recently in the midst of a reverie over some of the prettier species of fungi we’ve

In a way, yes, we did fall down a hole

We will now **STRAIN** to resist adding to that heap of blog posts piled up Everest-high on the internet in which the authors apologize for how long it’s been since their last update! Dear reader, we are all-too-painfully aware of how little such algorithms of apologetics matter in the scope of human existence, & we