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more exciting comics about running errands

Yet another rich, brilliant moment from our scintillating life. It’s for sale too, if you can believe that, at our Store. ****UPDATE, 5/31/13: It has come to our attention that some readers are interpreting the bearded gentleman in the last panel of this comic strip — the one impatiently & ostentatiously sighing in frustration over


Click to make them bigger. We er, SOMEONE WE KNOW drew these for the WFMU website, we’re pretty sure they’re up there now? It’s been a while. Anyway, enjoy. They’ll be for sale in the store. Police activity referenced in the strip, for those who are curious: panel 4: & etc… google

look for the hidden pattern

(click it bigger) Upon a recent evening we accompanied a homeowning neighbor down to Ye Olde Local Bureaucracy, to (non-)participate in some Democracy (and skew a vote on Section-8 housing) (which never happened). It was about what you’d expect — a nice reminder of why we no longer dungeon-crawl the supercilious kabuki farce of municipal