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TCAF, Sick



Since this is my Personal Website, it’s my duty to bore everyone by clogging your bandwidth with self-promotional posts like this one. Dear anyone scrolling slow enough to care: i am presently en route to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, where i will be trapped all weekend, peddling my little song of self-hate, my juvenile jeremiad, my gratuitous graphic navel-gaze, my toilet in a teacup, my cartoon curse on civilization, the book that makes a mountain out of a dunghill amidst a vast sea of life’s greater unspoken problems — Sick — at the Secret Acres table inside Toronto’s Reference Library. It will be an extremely raw and yet tedious experience for all of us. Please say hi and buy the book and then read it and think, probably, “wow Gabby sure does make a lot of fuss over nothing.”

This book isn’t exactly saturated in mass-market appeal; i’ll consider it a success if it breaks even at tepid disinterest. It is, after all, just one tiny point of light struggling against the blackness of the abyss in our vast Constellation of Comic Art, presumptuous in its hope to make the tiniest impression on a few straining retinas, before i and my drawing hand finally, imminently burn out into the blackness forever — inspiring little more from the world than a sigh of relief, as it returns its gaze to artistic supernovae like Chester Brown, shining on in fortune’s spotlight with their bold, bestselling, bloviating cartoon dad-rants about renting anonymous women’s bodies for sex is Christ’s literal plan for my penis…

Well, see you there! And if you know any good mushroom spots near the library, do not hesitate to let me know…

8 Comments on “TCAF, Sick”

  1. Will you be selling any direct through here? Wondering if I should mash Add To Cart on the SA site right now or wait a bit

    • i haven’t got my box yet but will probably put a few up on the site. but unless you want a **signed copy** it’s fine with me if you wanna buy it from SA — i’m sure i’ll sell the few i’ll get and it will save me the trouble of shipping it! since moving to chicago mailing anything has become a ridiculous pain and this city’s USPS is famous for randomly just choosing not to deliver things at all.

      and so ends my awesome sales pitch…

      • Defs in that boat seeing that SA doesn’t seem to ship to Australia and would love a signed copy :D Please update when you get that box (((will pay for the added torture you’ll have to go through to send it, or if too painful, place in duck taped tubaware container and throw into the sea, I can easily row out to the pacific floating trash island to retrieve it from where I am)))

  2. as with the above folks i would like to purchase a copy straight from you. the sketches you add are a nice bonus, but i always felt like getting direct from the artist netted them a bit more cash. but (and i’m not being snarky about this) if mailing stuff is really a pain in the butt and you would prefer, say the word and i’ll grab it from secret acre.

    was TCAF a big turd? i live in ottawa (about 5 hours north of toronto) and TCAF sounds pretty cool, but being around a lot of people isn’t always great…

    • TCAF was great, i wasn’t sure if i was supposed to say anything about it on ye olde bloge, it was just mostly me sitting around feeling overexposed to people but that’s how everyone feels at cons. i bought a poster, and saw a lot of old friends. I don’t think people knew what to make of my book, but it seemed to sell pretty well.

      Thanks for wanting to buy the book — i still don’t know what shipping will be like; i guess my cut of the sale depends entirely on how much the USPS demands in shipping. i know shipping things from chicago is particularly bad — media mail (which can’t be insured) seems too risky to even attempt. i get damaged and opened mail here all the time. So i’ll probably try to send it priority, which should cost around $7 or $8, within the US anyway, if i can manage to stuff it into their legal envelope? I will have a report on that in a week or two

      • Yeah, I have noticed that shipping between Canada and the states increased a bunch a couple of years ago. Paying for shipping sucks, and if i’m buying something off e-bay or trying to find a book from some big publisher author then sure i’ll do everything i can to avoid it. but when i’m buying zine from small distros or something directly from somebody i’m pretty ok with paying the extra for shipping.

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