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The internet taketh, The internet giveth


GOOD NEWS!!!!! As of this posting, thanks to the kind, super-rad, completely selfless & genuinely magnanimous donations of you or people like you, we’ve recouped almost our entire losses from the Laughing Squid Debacle [LSD]!!!! We pledge our souls to the following adorable individuals:

Dragon Messmer
Alex Nall
Claire Burville
Nicholas Underwood
Elisabeth Loge
Ian Gabriel
Matthew Cowley
Zachary Allen
Tiago AKL Prado
Kyle Holtan
John Retallick
Thomas Ragon
Leigh Walton
Damien Jay
Andrew Brown
Dan Farrow
Cody Gieselman
Shannon Smith


Alec Longstreth
David King
Karen Torres
Laila Emir
Candace Carpenter

Thanks to your cumulative efforts, Gabby’s Playhouse lives to futz another day! For another whole month, in fact. We know (all too well) how much effort it takes to release the grip on our own hard-earned portion of pelf, and honestly, we’re pretty impressed with your initiative. Ayn Rand would definitely not approve — but we sure do, and she was on welfare anyway. Thanks also to the kind concerned folks who forwarded or retweeted our distress call.

We’ll take down the donate buttons on the previous post & pick up the last $1.16 in Laughing Squid fees ourselves, to avoid the possibility of actually profiting off of your pity! And, of course, we’ll let you know when the “Sick” comic is up on the site proper, clothed in this new anti-hotlinking wordpress plugin we got.

(PS sorry there’s no images here we wanted to post this as soon as possible so we could take the donate buttons down)

2 Comments on “The internet taketh, The internet giveth”

  1. Gabby, I’d totally have paid if I saw this in time. Is there any way you could use kickstarter ( or some similar service to crowd-source your future projects? I would pitch in right this second if it meant Sick could come closer to my hands in physical form!

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