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There’s a couple more watercolors up for sale at the store. Hmm. We’ve been having trouble classifying these comic-like watercolor objets d’cartoon — are they comics-blog updates? Should they be showcased as Readable Content, or Materializations of Commerce? Is there a way to treat them as both? Art’s fuckin’ crazy, isn’t it. Oh well — it all turns into tumblr in the end!

Which reminds me, maybe we should get a tumblr….

PS We really, really enjoyed painting the lush sunset in that Findley piece. Too bad sunsets are so nice & aren’t all about the Deep Ennui we feel as Tortured Artists, which limits our sunset-painting quota to 1 every 500 days — or two if there’s a dead body in the shot (hence).

8 Comments on “the latest ooze”

  1. In answer to your question, i think living as a couple really helps. There just might be something about the proper mix of hormones. Also science and history.

    The fact that things have been so much worse, and can get so much better. Because all kinds of shit gets better and better, even as other shit gets worse and worse. Humankind has been, and continues to be many different ways. That’s what I get from history.

    But the perspective that science gives us, is that the earth has been many different ways and always will be different ways, and what we’re doing isn’t separate from “nature.” We are part of nature. Robots are part of nature. There is no moral order, so we all just have to try as hard as we can, if only because we’d like to see things get better for other animals that are similar to us. Because that’s our strongest instinct as conscious molecules. And that change is gradual, and sudden, and much bigger than our tiny lifetimes. And just sorta giving into that.

    We’re lucky for what we get to see transpire. It’s exciting to be alive today, because we live in a historic empire at historic times as it approaches its inevitable demise. For better or for worse, that’s pretty thrilling to witness!

  2. Oh also, I think we live highly decadent lives and feel lucky for that. What more can you do but be aware of it and advocate for more progress toward fairness and a realistic assessment of humanity? Which is, I think, how you get through it.

  3. I hope you don’t mind if I try to answer the question you pose in “a brief aside.” Often what sustains me is my faith in the possibility that someday I will find something to sustain me.

  4. Hi Gabby –

    Echoing Tine’s sentiment. Opting out, to the extent that it’s possible (by virtue of ridiculously unearned privilege/advantage, of course), is the sanest option for some of us.

    I take comfort in the knowledge that there are others paying attention, doing their best to try and stop the juggernaut, even though it’s already far too late. Also, in the understanding that it’ll all be over very soon.

    Existence, especially under these circumstances, is a shit-hole conundrum no matter how or where you slice.

  5. I listen to music while I work so that the dissatisfied third grader that lives in the back of my head will stop yanking on the back of the chair and screaming about how much sunshine I am missing out on.

    I do my best to be kind.

    I have a stupid data entry job. I think about what my job actually does on a personal level for the people who buy things from my work. they usually are just getting one coat. I remember that they are people, that these coats will keep them warm, and that whenever I input another goddamn tracking number there is a person who now will be less worried about where their coat is.

    I do my best to ease the burden of the people around me.

    I look up. I read. I do my best.

    on a good day I make something worth showing to somebody else.

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