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The only thing i know (5 of 5)



The full “comic” can be read in one page now HERE

First page here
Second page here
Third page here
Fourth page here

Well that is the end of that little story. The world won’t care but i hope you liked it.

11 Comments on “The only thing i know (5 of 5)”

  1. that last panel just smacks me right in the face.

    i hope you do more of this, such a perfect balance of civ shredding & reverence for the slivers of wild.

  2. Totally gorgeous as always. Your watercolour work is off the chain *_* That last panel really resonated with me and had my heart in a vice grip. Loved this comic ^_^

  3. your water colours are always so fucking good (except when you were a kid and you [probaby?] sucked {correct me if i’m wrong}).

    i’m really looking forward to you collecting a bunch (all?) of your diary comics.

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