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********putting pedestrian concerns out into universe********

If anyone is selling a ’90s-era Ford Ranger or Mazda S-series pickup with 4 cylinders, manual transmission, a decent (or replaced) transmission & engine, not totally rusted out, under 200k miles, with a camper shell, for under $3k…. hmu

Hint this is my big plan for changing my life and being happy (even though i have an expired driver’s license)

3 Comments on “truck dreamz”

  1. Good to hear a plan is forming. I’m curious to hear more.

    I’ve been looking at the old Chevy Astro vans. They’re a nice medium size and more secure than a pick-up. But they get crummy gas mileage and they all have automatic transmissions.

    I’m goin’ home
    And when I wanna go home
    I’m goin’ mobile

    • cool, yeah. i was ready to buy an econoline for a while, or an astro… the problem with those is they’re so hard to work on! the 4-cylinder rangers get great gas mileage and have a ton o room under the hood, and the parts are cheap & easy to come by — sometimes you don’t even need a jack to work under them too. the camper shell is pretty restrictive, but it’s not like i’d have any head clearance in a minivan either.

      it all brings back misty water-colored memories of my old isuzu npr housetruck — pretty much an RV, i could stand all the way up, lay all the way down, cook dinner, store my bike, and still have plenty of room for all my clothes and crap. but i thank the scale-tipper for never making me have to change one of those huge tires alone on the side of the highway…

      i kind of have a fantasy about fixing up a dodge sprinter as a low-pro housetruck, but i’ve also heard german engines are a nightmare to work on, so i guess i’ll just have to get rich & pay someone else to do the work for me.

      • Sounds like that Isuzu was nice.
        I have a lot of fond memories of the VW camper vans my parents had when I was a kid. With the ‘pop-top’ open there was good head room and they were equipped with a fold out bed, ice box, sink, folding table, etc. I always thought I might get one myself but it seems they’ve become ‘desirable.’ Must be all the nostalgic hippies with money.
        A van appeals to me as well, but I think you’d be wise to avoid the Sprinter. I don’t know a lot about them but I have heard bad things about reliability and repair costs. I would think anything with an American engine and running gear should be less expensive to maintain/repair.
        You’ve probably got the right idea with the Ranger: keep it as simple as possible. Unless you get rich.

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