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17 Comments on “WEBCOMICS”

  1. Hey I remember reading your comic “Sick” and I held it very dear to me. Your website’s link to it is broken. Are you not showing it anymore, or is it a bug?

    • i had to take it down bcs they traffic was too high & was exceeding my bandwidth (which meant they were shutting down my site/charging me more). i’ve been trying to find a way to get it back up but so far haven’t tried hard enough bcs i’ve been a bit burnt out on it lately (i’m trying to finish a print version at the moment!). sorry i had to take it down, & thanks for liking it.

    • Update: it’s back up! Well, the first part of it. We’ll be putting it up in chunks, bandwidth permitting.

      • Thanks for putting it back up. I kept checking for it.
        Although a lot of it isn’t up it’s still good.
        Please continue putting it up.

  2. I think the traffic was my fault. I linked it to and I would like to read it again because I liked it vurry mucho.

  3. I would like to thank you for the comic Sick. I used it when feeling particularly down, it always seemed to help me.

  4. I see that Sick parts 1-6 are back up. I seem to recall there being more, something a little longer, but I might be imagining that. It doesn’t look finished, but I can’t really remember exactly how much had been posted online so far.

    Whether you finish it or not, hope you’re doing OK now, I also noticed the main blog hasn’t been updated in a couple months.

    • Oh wait, I just realized you’re still updating regularly. That’s good. Hope your arm feels decent soon.

  5. Could you please add more to the sick webcomic.

    It hasn’t been updated in over a year.

    Please add to it.

  6. would it kill you to upload the rest of Sick to imgur or something so people can read the rest of it without overloading your site?

  7. Looking forward to the possibility of a printed copy of Sick! In the mean time, stoked to see the first six parts back up (:

  8. Hey, I’ve still got your honey bear screen print and so many others from our days in the BFA program. Glad to see you’re still at it!