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Gordon Smalls Goes to Jail

“Gordon Smalls Goes to Jail” is a comic that originally appeared as a minicomic in 2006, and then was collected in Welcome to The Dahl House. We thought it’d be nice to put it up here too, just because we like you.

8 Comments on “Gordon Smalls Goes to Jail”

  1. Wow, I just recently had my first experience with cops and the whole court bullshit, and I must say that this comic describes everything perfectly. I “committed” a nonviolent crime that honestly affected no one at all in society (except me of course)and had the wonderful experience of being put in handcuffs, taken to jail, getting searched, getting questioned, getting my mugshot, fingerprints, and having to take a $60 cab ride to get home at 1 A.M. Then later to have to go to 3 different court dates and now am on probation for at least one year. All because some cop decided to sit and watch me for over half an hour eventually to catch me smoking weed in a park down the street from my house, honestly are there not more important things going on in the world than to watch a young girl sit and indulge on a summer night? Now my soul is a slave to the feds and I am required to let them know every single thing I do, even if I drive the ten minutes to cross the river into another state it can be considered violating my probation. How did we let the government get so much control over our lives? America makes me fucking sick.

  2. Yeah, when I break widely known laws, I expect to be the exception to the rules too