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70 Comments on “Sexism”

  1. men are judged by how productive their actions are, women are judged by how sexy their actions are. That’s why women are better “suited” to entry level customer service positions and men are better “suited” to entry level menial positions. And the differences only get more profound from there. I’m not saying it’s correct, I’m just saying pretty much the same thing your comic was.

    Understanding womens studies rules, because it’s actually about the interaction of gender roles. I’m going off on a tangent. Either way calling someone pretty and calling someone talented are entirely different things. I wish other guys would figure that out too :(

    • I like how you just get it. I’m a male too and agree with much of what was said here.

      High five, friend. High five forever.

  2. This is delightful. I appreciate your hard work and intelligent insight, Gabby. Thank you for commicking. I also would be thrilled to live in a world where people aren’t judged by their sexual potential unless they and the judge are planning to engage in consensual sex.

  3. This comic is truly on point, to the point that it reminded me of my own web-based shame. I commit this error far too often when I’m commenting on works of females I follow on Twitter. Fortunately I’m aware of this already, but I do stray off the beaten path every now and then. Thank you for this piece of meta-awesomeness :)

    • One thing you might want to keep in mind, as you continue on this self-awareness journey, is that when you use “females” as a noun, as in “females I follow on Twitter”, it sounds clinical, like you’re running a lab experiment as opposed to conversing with actual human beings. Try “women” instead.

      • Honestly, I use “females” and “males” sometimes because I’m agendered. My parts are female, but for whatever reason, chemical, neurological, whatever, I don’t really ascribe to either gender except for convenience, and to avoid grammarians getting on my case about the singular ‘they’ as a pronoun.

        That said, yes, if you are speaking to or about a woman, she is a woman, whether she’s got male or female parts. If you’re speaking to or about a man, he’s a man. If you’re not sure, they’re a person.

        Neither social constructs, mental identities nor parts have anything to do with talent.

  4. I’d just like to point out that anyone who disagrees with this comic and/or posts on /r/Mensrights has literally the tiniest penis in the galaxy.

  5. I’m a guy, and I find this system pretty damn unfair. I feel sorry by proxy (in a non-partisan, strictly figurative sense of empathy) that you’ve expended so much effort trying to reach out to people to whom logic is totally lost.

    I can appreciate the quality of your work, in the sense that these comics alone (which I assume aren’t indicative of your skill, in the sense that a single work cannot be extrapolated to an entire portfolio) are like an argumentative tour-de-force that perfectly conveys the point, in a way that many people couldn’t do even if given 1,000 words to do it.

    I also empathize, to some fraction of a degree, with your sense of mental exhaustion: I moderate an online forum section, and encountering those that regularly scoff at well-formulated, logically-supported text and repeatedly answer with thoroughly fallacious material is something that, unfortunately, isn’t new to me.

    With something as trivial as defining a game genre, it’s demoralizing, and I can’t imagine what it’s like when it involves something as existential as your identity as an individual in society. All I can say is that at least on my account, I apologize on behalf of my gender.

    I feel ashamed to be a member of society, when constructive things like this and your other comics can go so totally unappreciated (or even ostracized) by the majority of the Internet.

    If you think about it, anonymity of the Internet doesn’t mask your identity by making you adopt a ‘persona’; since putting your name to the text is optional, I suppose it shows people for who they really are.

    That scares the hell out of me.

    Anyway, thanks for making this and other comics. As a useless tidbit, I’ve been finding them reblogged on Tumblr.

  6. i encounter ‘compliments’ like this an awful lot and while i appreciate that someone likes my work, i’d really, REALLY love it if my talents, interests or intelligence weren’t fetishised.

    we’re all really tired of hearing ‘oh you’re a girl who games/draws/codes/writes, that’s really hot!’. i don’t mean to throw what is probably just a misguided compliment violently back in the guy’s face, but can’t our talents and hard work just be IMPRESSIVE? can’t we just be RESPECTED for what we’ve put so much time and effort into?

    and why is it wrong for us to protest that we’re not doing this to be sexy? why is it that doing so makes us an ‘attention whore’ or a ‘bitch’ or ‘ungrateful’?

    this comic just perfectly sums up how tired and fed up the whole system makes me. thank you so much for making this.

    • I originally wanted to point out that it’s sort of a step forward for attractiveness to be based on something other than just physical appearance, because it still places the emphasis on attractiveness being the important thing: as in “You do impressive things, therefore you are attractive, therefore you have worth,” and that is a whole lot of wrong.

      And of course those compliments are often predicated on the opinion/assumption that you are physically attractive, because if you are a girl who games/draws/codes/writes/whatever, and do not fit into whoever’s formulation of hotness, then you are just a girl who games/draws/codes/writes/whatever.

  7. I thought this was fantastic! The way some of these arguments online go makes you wonder why you even bother sometimes…

  8. Awesome! This is a struggle for women, but also for men; hence, anyone who undermines the potential human qualities in us all. And thus, limit themselves to stereotypical behaviour assigned to their gender. Ex: women have compassion, men are brave, etc. etc. etc… how about everyone can have compassion and everyone can be brave? How about both genders take care of their families? how about both genders see beyond sexes and qualify people they meet based on personality and experience? How about everyone go out there and try to achieve their dreams in a sustainable manner? Thanks for the insight. We ALL loose in a sexist society.

    • @Amanda Quesada–There is not a balance here–women get punished for being women, men get punished for acting like women (nurturing, crying, whatever). Yes, everyone loses in a sexist society–eventually. But in the short-term, there are people–men–who benefit from it greatly and they aren’t going to give that up easily. When people–especially women, in my opinion–jump in first thing to say “EVERYONE has it bad and we should all just get along better,” it does a disservice to the discussion at hand. It IS worse/harder/more challenging for women in this society. It just is. No amount of equivocating is going to make that disappear. Every major system in the world is rigged in favor of men, if the men do nothing, they still win generally. The status quo is their friend in a way it never has been for women. And never will be unless we stop making the conversation “fair” for men.

  9. O wow. Finally. The whole point condensed in pictures that even ‘those guys’ might at least try to understand.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  10. Brilliant, I love it! All I get at school is sexist comments about me doing sport. If it’s not “Wow, are you a lesbian?” it’s things like “Oh you can’t run, you’re a girl” and “Get back in the kitchen”. Even worse is when I read teen magazines and there are detailed descriptions on how to look and be attractive to a boy. It makes me physically sick to see girls being encouraged to be into something they hate, just to make a boy happy. It’s like feminism never happened.

    • Big time props to you for doing what you love and recognizing the idiocy that exists out there. I have major respect for you. :)

  11. This comic is the most awesome, scary, brilliant, true and depressing thing I have ever read. You have hit the nail on the head and perfectly encapsulated the issue in a nutshell. Thank you.

    This is going stright to the Twittersphere. #Destroythejoint

  12. The only thing missing from this comic is the contingent of women who will jump in to agree with the men and show how not like other girls they are and how much totally cool sense of humor they have. Ugh. I need a shower now.

    • Also the men who don’t behave like this and find the caveman mentality cringe-worthy, but who for the most part don’t speak up, either out of complacency or fear of controversy. I’m certainly guilty of that. The world would be a much nicer place if more men could step forward and say “Dude, just stop, you’re embarassing yourself.”

      • The world would be a much nicer place if more men could step forward and say “Dude, just stop, you’re embarassing yourself.”

        Yes, so very much agreed. Please know that if you do do that, we have your back.

  13. WIN!
    I <3 this. And I also <3ed the stereotypes in your link. has become really feminist the past year or so :)

  14. ROCK ON! I’m a cock-rocker, and I purposely dress like a dude rocker, not a chick rocker, on stage (no heels or makeup; instead, black jeans and black tee, choreography copied from Freddie Mercury and Robert Plant) because I want to avoid the politics surrounding femininity at all costs. Don’t want my beauty to get in the way of music. Don’t want people to be thinking about my clothes and boobs and missing out on all the fantastic music I’m making with my band. Just my little bit of gender politics for this delicious stew you’ve started on this page, Gabby. :)

  15. I’m a feminist, majored in Women’s Studies, and I’m a man.

    Male allies exist. The patriarchal, heterosexual binary system will only fade away if all genders are invited to be a part of a new way – a way of open, authentic, respectful, loving and caring humans sharing in various kinds of relationships with one another with a balance of both appreciation of diversity AND desire to find common ground.

    • Really? You’re a feminist and an ally, but you’re on here feeling the need to jump up and go “not all men”…funny thing is, we know. We know we have male allies, and women that are just as harmful to feminism as any man. We see women who get up and say stupid, just as sexist shit as any man. But I also know that few men, when in a group, even ones that consider themselves feminists, will laugh on at the nasty, rude sexist jokes, because to not do so would cause them to be ostracized. Women regularly attempt to invite men to the discussion, but instead of saying “you’re right, this is bullshit” they start rattling off about how they aren’t like that. Ok. So freaking prove it. Words on the internet are just that. How about taking a stand for women on the internet, and when you see a woman getting harassed by a bunch of dude bros and their female clique, step in and say “not cool” or “you guys sound real freaking immature” or even “show the lady some respect”. You know, like feminist women do when we see another woman coming under attack (See: Jennifer Hepler, Anita Satkeesian, Laci Green). Because saying you’re an ally and then saying that this is unfair to men or is unequal to them doesn’t make you sound much like an ally. It makes you sound just like the guys in the comic.

  16. Pretty cool comic, Gabby! Dealing with this kind of stuff is annoying as hell. I for one am starting to run out of male friends because of the “natural urges” they are all so devoted to.
    When a guy said that something I did made him want to fuck me, I sarcastically told him I felt honored. Hey, the guy thought he’d paid me the highest compliment, why burst his bubble?
    Fortunately, it’s not our job to educate people we don’t even care for.

  17. I’m a twenty-something white male, and I find everything that exposes my inherent constant privelege in life pretty unfair. It’s not enough that I lucked out at birth with every concievable advantage, I’m also gonna need everyone to stop criticizing all my privelege. It makes me feel a little guilty, and I don’t like that. As I a twenty something white male in the first world I should never be forced to have a moment of reflection or question if I really deserve my advantages. That’s not cool bro! Don’t make me question shit! I’ll have to lash out by saying something violent, possibly disturbingly sexual! I have very few options, Vin Diesel movies and Family Guy haven’t shown me any other ways of expressing myself! You just don’t understand that it’s hard to be me sometimes too. Like how when every opportunity seems like it’s moving out of it’s way to present itself to me and I can’t take all of them! Fuck! Schwartz! Trying walking a mile in my shoes before you judge, which at this point I think that’s what the comic was, right? A personal attack and judgement on me? I don’t know, I didn’t actually read it. Just skimmed it looking for my name.

  18. I really like this comic, and think that it illustrates the ignorance that can be found on the internet, hiding behind a shield of anonymity.

    I think the thing that depresses me most is that there are so many women who comment on women’s looks (positive or negative) instead of their work. I think women judge each other’s bodies and “sexiness” almost as much as men. How many posts on social media do we see where, in the name of “pride” in one’s body, they put down another’s? Or comments on what a woman looks like when the article is about her achievements? Or judgement on clothes, hair style, body type, makeup, etc.?

  19. Damn I agree with you SO FUCKIN’ MUCH (it came from my heart that strong).
    Thank you and continue your way without notice those bastards-dickheads-whateva anymore! :D

  20. As a man and a cartoonist, I would like to say two things:
    1. Though I have never knowingly participated in being a total @$$hole online, I’d like to apologize for those that do.
    2. I actually laughed out loud at several things in this comic (bottle of entitlement & logic forcefield). The art and writing tell the story very well.

  21. You just summed up my opinion of the internet. Or made it in a cool, graphic form. Anyways, yay and thank you. This is a cool post.

  22. Oh God I hear you! I get sexism every day and when you complain it’s exactly that: hysterical bitch, drama queen etc…
    I was generously offered an open relationship (which usually means that a guy sleeps around and doesn’t commit to/love anybody). When I declined I became a pain in the ass. lol
    You really have to hate women to come up with that.

  23. I’ve never seen this comic. Clear, concise, good. However I just can’t help thinking we can replace the subject by any other senstive one on the internet, the comics would work as well. That’s how powerful your comic is. Congrats, you’re doing good stuff.

  24. Very true, and unfortunate.

    Peeps described in your comic are not as numerous as they appear but are louder, and jam up the message boards.

    I hope brilliant women artists don’t ever feel stopped/dejected because of it.

    Keep the good work!


  25. OMG I love it! How have you been able to read all my debates on womens rights online since like always?! ;)

  26. This comic is very far from reality

    The amount that you have exaggerated to make a “point” defeats the purpose entirely

    Whoever drew this needs to drink bleach and die

  27. I’m so sorry that you had this experience…I never have – just death threats against my Kitty!!!
    Happy to hug you upon sight…
    Much Magick!

  28. An impressive share, I just given this onto a colleague who was doing a little analysis on this. And he in fact bought me breakfast because I found it for him.. smile.

    • i was getting charged for excessive bandwidth so i tried putting the whole strip up on a page on tumblr — it worked for a while but it looks like they took it down & redirected? ugh… thanks for the heads-up