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The Usual Suspects

These were sort of an afterthought to the sexism comic we drew, after it was flooded with hundreds of extremely opinionated comments. The original commentary to these have been lost, but we’re sure you get the idea.

8 Comments on “The Usual Suspects”

  1. Love. It’s so hard to comment on sexism or “male feminism” (this being the abovementioned type of people, not men who are actually not sexist) without getting another extremely self-righteous and patronizing comeback abt how women are being “way feminist” nowadays. Damn when did feminist become such a dirty word?

  2. Thanks for the summary of 100s of extremely opinionated comments! It should be posted everywhere where comments are invited.

  3. Ach, I joined the trenches this year. The only time I’m happy is when Paul Elam explodes. I’m still shocked to see the MRM has formed a front, and they intend to march… Shame they rely on the zimmerframes to keep them moving. It makes me flinch in pity; For a second. I tried to get my friend to join me in the muddy pits of Mr.Al’s fields; but she said no and suggested I desert, I was to involved and I made a big deal about the MRM! Join her on the big front where we’re beatin’ up the bible belt for great justice. Man, I can still hear the whining voices of those poor, upset 50’something divorcees in my head; angry no sixteen year old blondes will lay them, blamin’ the fall of society on fat chicks. It gets real, every night when I close my eyes; They cry “Why do nice girls hate meeeeee…” Their faces contorted in pain, they wail “Noteven fat chicks will pity–fuck me, I’m so betaaaaaaa…”

    The drink is what gets me through; thoughts of my ol’ ma, and that girl at the bar with the blue ribbons in her hair…

  4. Brilliant!

    I’m half ‘The New Kid’ and half the “Quid Bro Quo’: “This is what I think! *silence* Oh come on, my comment is awesome! Someone validate me!!! WHY IS NO ONE REPLYING?!”.

    Yeah, working my way up to ‘Best Case Scenario’. One day…one day…

  5. I’m a 61 year old male. Back when I was a young idealistic Hippy I believed in social evolution, sadly I was wrong. Putting someone down because of their sex makes as much sense as saying people with brown eyes are inferior. I could say a lot more but i won’t.
    Keep drawing and Illegitimum non carborundum.
    Cheers, Gary (The land of Oz)