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Playhouse 2.0!


Finally! We are back. Sorry for the delay. The good news is we have a new comic to report:

Weather, another Gordon Smalls story. It will be debuting this weekend at the Chicago Arts & Komics Extravaganza — or whatever CAKE stands for. There’s some pretty huge hype about CAKE & we are all caught up in it, glad to be there for the first year of this new excuse to hang out with absent friends and drink a little more than usual.

Thanks for your patience over the past few weeks while we’ve struggled in silence to get the site back up & redesigned — we’ve also been in the middle of relocating to a different city & struggling to make it back onto our feet, despite the financial antipathy of A Certain Bad Person (who sublet us a room & then disappeared with 600 of our dollars, causing the whole house to get evicted). We still don’t have a job, but we do have a new sublet, with some really darling wonderful roommates who share their food, beer & RuPaul’s Drag Race episodes with me.

Here in Columbus the cost of rent & alcohol are low enough to make any unemployed cartoonist blush. The people are unpretentious & nice, which is a welcome change from the daily psychic abuse we weathered during our tenure in The City Which Shall Not Be Named. We’ll spare the parting shot at Mammon, but will admit that it is nice to be a safe distance away from a certain corps of hyper-militarized, post-legal, state-enriched thugs whose name starts with N and ends in YPD.

Anyway, you might notice some changes to our digital geography as well — there’s a new fancy-pants store; and a page where we’re gonna be collecting all the random webcomics we draw from time to time. It’s all pretty skeletal at the moment, but expect it to grow again, gradually, into another Babel-like monument to our own self-indulgence. Of special note this week is the handful of watercolors that we’ve slapped down on the barrelhead on the store page — we’ll be putting original pages from our comics up on there soon, too — in particular, the watercolored pages of our new book.

So mess around and enjoy yourself — and if there’s anything broken, missing or stupid, don’t hesitate to let us know! Unfortunately, our three years’ worth of Playhouse 1.0 posts, links and comments have been swallowed up into the cybervoid — but now that we’re back to our usual weekly regimen of useless, rambling posts & doodles, our hope is that you soon won’t even notice the difference. Happy summer.

10 Comments on “Playhouse 2.0!”

    • yes, soon — i just had some issues with the file sizes of some of the jpegs, so i gotta chop them up & figure out how to rearrange it. the story’s still not finished but i might even be cruel & save the ending for the print version… but for the rest of it, it should be back up within a week. thanks for being interested

    By the way, when will we be able to buy “Weather” off your site?

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