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What you say vs. What i hear


6 Comments on “What you say vs. What i hear”

  1. I was just thinking about this yesterday. As much as we like to say that we value ‘diversity’, it’s clear that only superficial diversity is what we mean. What use is it to have a multi-color, multi-gender, multi-sex populace when the only acceptable *emotional* state is, “Be jolly or GTFO.”

    I have the immense privilege of possessing a brain that is wired for positivity. I recognize it as a privilege because I don’t have to work for it and it just so happens that society sees this accident of brain chemistry in a positive light. But can I really say the world would be a better place if it were entirely populated with jolly fools like me? Never! The human emotional range is almost infinite, and yet we have decided to be stunted into jolly-ism.

    I appreciate you Mr. Shulz. Not just because your art is gorgeous (it is!) but because your thoughts and ideas and stories are like an alien landscape when compared to jolly-ville America. I want to enjoy the weird vistas and marvel at how the universe can contain them.

    Just do you.

  2. I’m not as jolly as jolly jen, but I’m pretty easy going. By that I mean, I spend much of my day ignoring the fact that our civilization is foundering on the rocks of its own spectacular unsustainability – and driving the majority of us into a protective carapace of febrile delusion.

    So what do you hear when someone says, “don’t sweat the small stuff.” ? Here, I’ll say it, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

  3. Mr. Schulz, your work continues to impress me. And more importantly, your comics help me feel a little better about feeling bad. Thanks.

    I often wonder: when they say ‘x’, do they really believe it? Is this how they really address their own fears and worries? Can they be brushed off so easily?

    I can’t find any explanation for the apparent positivity and happiness of others but ignorance and self-delusion. However, I have trouble accepting that people go through life in such a state. Maybe they’re actually miserable and they’re just better at putting on a front than I am. Or maybe they really are satisfied with their lives. How could this be?

    I suppose this might sound arrogant but it’s not meant to. I’d just like some answers. (I don’t expect any.)

  4. I was having a conversation about serious topics at work one day with a women who I respected and normally was very practical and down to earth, good humoured and well adjusted. At one point in the conversation she started to gaze off and said aloud: ‘it makes you wonder why we do anything at all really, nothing really matters in the end’.
    I had to leap in ‘NO, stop talking like that, you’re turning in to me!’. I realised both that she did think about the big picture sometimes and second that I feared I had put her at risk of existential crisis – and she had kids to worry about!

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