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Who let the dog out? Us.


Above is pictured the newest addition to our little menagerie, Lola the dog. Drawn by request last week. You, naturally, are also free to sip of the intoxicating nectar of Pet Art by simply contacting us at the email address at the right of your screen and requesting a commission! A 9″ x 10″ portrait in watercolor and pen & ink usually runs about $85 (cheap!). Of course, if you’d like something else drawn — say, a hedgehog, a house, or sexy people barely clothed in Civil War attire — you may have those wishes granted as well with but a flick of the paypal.

We are also interested in illustrating song lyrics if they are cool or of a band you really love (stay tuned next week for an example of this!) — so if you have any you’d like to see rendered, suggest something our way.

And now, an apology: if you were among the first to order a copy of Welcome to The Dahlhouse & were charged a different shipping amount than promised, we are gushingly sorry — literally every button has been pushed, and every lever thrown, and we still can’t get “Cart66” (the e-commerce plugin) to do as told. This website is definitely taking on a sort of HAL-9000 vibe as of late, but sadly there is no real way to diagnose the problem unless you keep buying books from us! So by all means, keep it up — and thank you.

Oh, PS: if you do happen to get charged an extra $0.75 or dollar for shipping, know that we are including a little something extra for your troubles — and if this outrages you and you demand a refund, we are extremely happy to comply, just drop a line.

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